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Most of the cars on Top Gear are supercars. Here you can close to the top sports cars, such as: Enzo ferrari, maserati MC12, porsche carrera GT, paganini Zonda F, 722 ultimate, mercedes-benz SLR McLaren F1 car Rocket League Crates, etc., mercedes-benz BMW audi such a cinch, the seventh season 5 set is the value of the bugatti veyron borrowed six days shooting of tens of millions of yuan.

In addition to the sports car, Top Gear will review such as ford focus and Honda fit (UK for Honda Jezza) civilian vehicles, such as mitsubishi EVO 7, subaru impreza rally cars, such as land rover discovery, Volvo XC90 suv, such as bentley, Rolls-Royce luxury car, but the basic does not involve sales of big four door saloon car, here you are basically couldn't find the common camry, accord, passat.
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