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In fact, Real Madrid’s goal for this trip to the United Kingdom was not Neymar, but the transfer of Brazilian teenager Rodrigo was finalized. There are still some differences between the two sides on the specific transfer fees. However, Real Madrid leaders have made further progress. They had a direct meeting with Neymar. Neymar had previously had a desire to FIFA 18 Coins play for Real Madrid. The Real Madrid executives only wanted to confirm that Neymar did not change his mind. It was clear that the Real Madrid team had received a satisfactory reply. Neymar said he was willing to play for Real Madrid.

And C Ronaldo's stay will not affect Real Madrid's pursuit of Neymar. Real Madrid executives hope that they can use Neymar and Ronaldo as the team's striker next season, and now Ronaldo expressed hope to leave. The desire of Real Madrid has further exacerbated Real Madrid’s demand for Neymar. Paris Saint-Germain executives are also very interested in Ronaldo. If Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid, Paris will become his next home. However, regardless of whether Ronaldo will continue to stay in Real Madrid, the idea of ??high-level Galaxy warships has been very clear: once there is a chance, they will do their best to bring Neymar to the Bernabeu Stadium.
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