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Sterling also expressed his opinion on this matter: "I remember that in the first game of FIFA 18 Coins the 2016 European Cup, I thought I was doing well. I had several passes and created several scoring opportunities, but I was criticized, but now I always think, 'If I do this? Isn't something bad happening?' Sometimes I think that if I go out at night, I will suffer bad luck. Whenever a bad thing happens, my mother Always comforting me next to the phone, she is stronger than me. She told me how to get rid of the haunting, but even if she had a few crashes, now after the game, I always try to stay home and watch TV. People commented on me."

In the opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia on June 14th, a pair of young twins attackers Alexei Milanchuk and Anton Milanchuk in the host array may have a joint attacking performance. The 22-year-old twins played for the Moscow Locomotive Club, a rare attacking weapon in the Russian array, and the most notable offensive player in the host array, in addition to forward Smolov and the 22-year-old talented midfielder Golovin.
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