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After Guardiola entered Manchester City in the summer of 2016, Johart was abandoned by the Spaniards. He had rented Turin and West Ham in the previous two seasons. Today, Johart officially left Manchester City and signed with Burnley for two years. He said: "I came to Manchester City at the age of 19 and left at 31. It was a great experience. I grew up here and there have been many things. ”

“I feel a lot of love and appreciation here. I have always liked the fans of FUT 19 Coins Manchester City. I have been welcomed by them since the first day. I think they saw a person who will do their best in me. If I don’t Being supported or happy, I can't do the things I did for Manchester City before. I am very happy to leave some good memories for the fans and hope that I will get their approval."
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