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For Lope Teji, it is not a problem to have two excellent goalkeepers, Navas and Kurtova. Real Madrid coach told Navas before the season, he is very happy to have a team like Navas. But he also realized that it is not easy for the two goalkeepers to coexist. Because the fact is that Real Madrid's internal evaluation of Kurtova is "advanced", and Navas's evaluation is "lower", although the latter has made great contributions to the club's past three seasons of FUT 19 Coins the Champions League, but can only serve The second goalkeeper.

But in the first game of the tournament, Lopezji will still give the starting position to Navas instead of Kurtova, because the Belgian talents have just arrived at the club. Now the team's long-term plan is that Lopetji will definitely correct Kultuwa. Not this summer, but the next summer window, Navas will look for a new home. However, the honor he left in this club is not even comparable to Kurtova.
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