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Jones scored just five points in Madden Mobile Coins 27 minutes, but three of them were clutch.Karl-Anthony Towns led Minnesota with 29 points and 14 rebounds. Andrew Wiggins pitched in with 31 points.What's nextCavaliers (36-15) at Thunder (30-23), 8 p.m. ET — Fresh off their fourth straight win, and sixth in their last seven games, the Cavaliers will travel to Oklahoma City to take on Russell Westbrook and the explosive Thunder. The Enes Kanter injury has hurt the Thunder recently (dropped four of six games), but they have the backcourt to produce an upset. Charles Barkley labels Draymond Green, Dwyane Wade 'AAU babies' | NBA | Sporting News

The Charles Barkley and Buy Madden Mobile LeBron James commentary continues as the NBA analyst shared some more thoughts Wednesday morning.During an appearance on ESPN's "Mike and Mike," Barkley was asked to respond to Dwyane Wade and Draymond Green's defense of James. Both players took James' side in the feud, and Barkley says he expects that from those guys.MORE: Phil Jackson subtweets Carmelo Anthony"

This new generation, they all stick together, they all play together, they're all AAU babies," Barkley said. "Any type of criticism directed toward them, they consider it hate. Even if it's a fair criticism, they consider it hate. So, no, it does not bother me what the new generation thinks, to be honest with you. I know they all stick together, so that's just part of it too."

AAU basketball has produced some of the NBA's best players but still draws plenty of criticism. George Karl referred to J.R. Smith as an "entitled AAU baby" in his controversial book, and Kobe Bryant has been critical of it as well.As for Barkley and James, the "Inside the NBA" panelist says he'll shake the Cavs player's hand at the All-Star break. He says he and James are "not friends," but they get along in the few times that they've met.Below are the comments made by Green and Wade to get this reaction from Barkley.Draymond Green on Charles Barkley

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