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FIFA 19's Team Of The Year Luka Modric card is officially the most powerful player the game has ever seen. In a world where loot boxes and play-to-win schemes in video games are very much frowned upon, EA Sports continues to make a boatload of money from FIFA Ultimate Team. A mode of FIFA that has now existed for a number of seasons where gamers do their best to put together their very own dream teams. EA insists that the system does not require gamers to gamble, but that is a hard argument to make.
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That's because most FUT users build their team by opening packs. Packs cost coins which you can either earn or pay for. Certain players have very slim odds of popping up in a pack, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, so buying packs and banking on getting decent players is effectively a gamble.

Before you race off and start opening FUT packs, we have a little bit of bad news. By the time you read this, TOTY Modric will likely have been removed from packs. There was a less than 1% chance of coming across him though, so the odds were slim. You can still get your hands on him but be prepared to cough up. Some of the lucky few who did find Modric in a pack are selling the card. They're going for more than 4 million FIFA coins a piece though, so around $550. Is it really worth it for a game that will be out of date in eight months?
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